Resources for Handel Messiah

This article from a music appreciation course tells you everything you could possibly want to know about the work!  We are singing the version edited by Clifford Bartlett.  Whilst it appears that the main difference between versions is the method of numbering movements, I have found one or two notes that are not the same as some of these rehearsal parts, so do check your choir copy of the score for accuracy.

ChoraLine has a number of Messiah options, including Sing Messiah which gives you  Rehearsal Score (Sheet Music) Learn Your Words (Audio)  Learn Your Notes (Audio) and Rehearse with the Choir (Audio), a Voice Part Rehearsal Set, which is 3 CDs and based on the Watkins Shaw edition (£19.99),  and a simple ChoraLine with Singer (£9.99).  They say: Messiah ‘is actually much easier to learn to sing than many people realise’.

Chord Perfect has a free online version with voice, your part being highlighted.  This is also available on You Tube – scroll down to find your part.  The music is shown as the part is sung.

Cyberbass has a free electronic online version.

Here’s a lovely version of the whole work: